Deep Sea Fishing Charters Astoria, OR

Astoria, Oregon is a dream fishing location for fishermen in search of salmon, sturgeon and more. Astoria is located on the northern Oregon border which is adjacent to the Columbia River. The Columbia River is home to some of the best salmon and sturgeon fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Flowing out to the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River serves as the migrating path of fish at the end of their lifecycles looking to spawn.

Apart from the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon area fishing charters will take advantage of the nearby Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean waters near Astoria are ideal for offshore fishing of salmon, bottom fish and crabbing.

The salmon fishing season starts in the Pacific Ocean before fish are caught migrating east into the Columbia River.  Starting in early July until mid-august, Chinook and Coho salmon can be found in the Pacific waters in large quantities.

The hunt for salmon switches to the Columbia River in August and will stay there until October.

Being on the northern border of Oregon, the fishing charters that leave from Astoria to fish in the Columbia River will often find themselves in the waters of the state of Washington. Fortunately, the two states featured shared jurisdiction. A license for either state will suffice in the waters of the others. Charters from both Oregon and Washington will commonly be seen in the same waters. For instance, at the start of salmon fishing season, both charters and commercial fishermen flock to a region of water called Buoy 10.

Buoy 10, which has the GPS coordinates of: N 46 15 289 W 124 03 214, encompasses the westernmost portion of the Columbia River in the waters of both Oregon and Washington. The westernmost point is of utmost importance as fishermen get the best opportunity to intercept the salmon that are known to migrate east from the Pacific Ocean during this time period. Experienced charter boats will take full advantage of this information. They are known to arrive in the buoy 10 area before anyone else as low tide rolls in. These charters will often have all their fishermen reach their legal limit of fish.

Action at the beginning of the salmon season is traditionally called combat fishing. The title originates from the sheer amount of boats that will be just north and just south of Buoy 10. The season of Buoy 10 salmon fishing starts at the beginning of August in the lower Columbia River, and if fishermen are interested in catching salmon in large quantities - in a safe and efficient manner - they would be wise to put their trust in an experienced charter captain.

Charters and other boats will be found at Buoy 10 in early August as low tide is coming in for a very specific reason:  This time period presents the perfect opportunity to fish for Chinook salmon.  The tide will naturally make the migrating fish easier to catch. Throughout the day the tide will naturally bring boats towards the Washington waters, moving charters right along with the salmon they are after. Towards the end of the season, Charters will move towards the Astoria Bridge. Locals know that the fish will gather near the bridge in larger and larger quantities as the calendar turns closer to the fall season.

The lower Columbia River is easily accessed from Astoria, Oregon. Fishing charters that venture into the lower Columbia River during August through October will commonly find Chinook salmon in the 20 pound range, but it's not shocking to reel in a fish of more than 100lbs.

Aside from the stellar salmon fishing, Astoria is known to attract sturgeon fishermen from across the globe. The official season of sturgeon fishing begins in the lower Columbia River in the beginning of January. However, the prime season for sturgeon fishing is between early May and late July. Sturgeon can be found in saltwater as far south as Mexico and as far north as the Gulf of Alaska.  The Columbia River is not only a known host of spawning runs for sturgeon, but many sturgeon are landlocked in the lower Columbia River making life a bit easier for sturgeon fishermen.

Oregon is famous globally for the quality of their sturgeon fishing, in part, thanks to a fisherman in Dalles, Oregon who set the world record for the heaviest sturgeon ever caught. This fish came in at an astounding 900 pounds. Of course, 900 pound sturgeons are the exception to the rule. If you're sturgeon fishing in the lower Columbia River, the fish must be between 4-6 feet in length in order to be kept. It is always a good idea to check the local rules and regulations on the fish you are after. Almost any experienced charter will know the rules and also have the ability to provide you with the proper fishing licenses.

The late spring and summer season is the best time to look for sturgeon in the Columbia River Estuary, like the Buoy 10 region at the start of salmon season in the Columbia, the Columbia River Estuary will be jam packed with boats looking for sturgeon. Sturgeons are available in huge numbers because of bait fish, shrimp, and other food that allows them to bulk up for their journeys migrating. The feeding grounds of the Columbia River Estuary will often make "keeper sturgeon" weigh between 20 and 50 pounds.