Parasailing & Jetskis Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL water sports might not attract the same attention as some of the more “glamorous” locations like the Florida Keys or Miami, but in terms of quality they don’t take a back seat to anyone.  There are many different spots between these two locations where you can readily find marinas and charter businesses offering various watersports options like jet skis, kayaks, sail boats, and parasailingJacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach are just a few of the most popular beaches around the Jacksonville area, while there are also dozens of marinas focused around St. Augustine Beach, as well.


Kayaking is a little more popular in the Jacksonville area as opposed to St. Augustine when it comes to Jacksonville & St. Augustine water sports.  The reason for this is the number of incredible sights that can be seen from kayaking around the many water ways going through and surrounding the city, especially around St. John’s River.

St. John’s Bluff is a great sight from the water, and Little Marsh Hill is right on the opposite shore.   Blount Island and Mill Cove offer plenty of scenery in the city while on the river, and if you want to check out the local state and national parks or get closer to saltwater kayaking then you also have several other sights like the Timucaun Ecological and Historical Preserve, the Fort George Inlet, or Little Talbot Island State ParkNassau Sound and Nassau Inlet can be found to the north, just south of American Beach.
Sailing is popular from both cities.  American Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach are all good points to go out from based around Jacksonville.  When you’re down in the St. Augustine area, you might want to check out some of the more popular marinas or boat ramps.  Between the two Florida cities you have a huge variety of options including Palm Grove Marina and Sadler Point Marina.  Jacksonville Beach also has amusement parks for the kids, or for adults who know the benefit of feeding their kid at heart.

The Jacksonville Marina is another great place to look at, while Casa Marina and Conch House Marina are both well known for having several water sports rental companies right there to provide for any recreational needs.  Other landings and ramps worth checking out depending on where you’re staying or which watersport you want to spend most of your time enjoying include the Six Mile Landing at Guana Lake, Middleburg’s Main Street Boat Ramp, Old Ferry Boat Ramp, Cedar Point Boat Ramp, or even the Knights Marina Boat Ramp.  All of these locations offer access to the water and depending on your exact location in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, could be the best option for you and your family or friends.

Parasailing is one of the most popular in the Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL area and it’s not hard to see why when you look at the beautiful scenery and surroundings.  The exact prices for parasailing are going to vary greatly from one provider to another and can also depend on whether you’re visiting during the height of tourist season or in one of the off months.  A common price range is from $65 to $95 a person, and many boats will charge $10 or $15 a person for people who “come along” but don’t actually go up parasailing.  It’s never a bad idea to ask around and compare prices from nearby Florida parasailing providers.

When it comes to parasailing in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL, heights often vary from 600-700 feet starting and some providers allow you to go as high as 1400 feet.  Many have special platforms on the boat that allow you to go airborne without getting wet, and some providers even offer you the option of a dry or wet landing, in case a little dip in the water sounds perfect after flying up in the sky in the open sunlight.  This is one of the most popular watersports options and it’s not hard to see why.

If your ideal day of relaxing after some serious time out enjoying all the watersports that the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas have to offer is fishing, then you’ve picked the right location.  Fishing charters out of this area can bring anglers to large schools of tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, bonefish, grouper, speckled trout, or to larger sports fish like sailfish and marlin depending on the season.

Jacksonville is also famous for its Riverwalks.  These well maintained sidewalks, parks, and trails follow St. Johns River through town and are a favorite among locals as well as visitors.  While these are large and interconnected, there are several “segments” that stand out.  The Southbank Riverwalk and Northbank Riverwalk are two examples of this, and Jacksonville Landing is another spot that is definitely worth checking out.  The Friendship Fountain is one of the sites that really is a must see for first time visitors and is one of the world’s largest fountains.

Jacksonville isn’t the only city with plenty of cool places to check out.  St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and sports the full colonial Spanish architecture you would expect.  The old governor’s palace is quite a site, and you can check out the rest of the Historic Downtown.  You can easily completely pack a full day of sites there in just the one area, much less the rest of the city.  This is also your big chance if you’ve never seen an alligator farm or if you are a huge fan of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, seeing as how the museum is located in St. Augustine, Florida, as well.  Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Beach, and Butler Beach are all beaches worth a visit when you visit the shore down there, and St. Augustine Lighthouse is another sight worth seeing.

Beyond kayaks, sailboats, and parasailing, wave runners and jet skis show up next as one of the most popular options among tourists and locals.  Rental rates are going to vary from one charter or marina to another.  It’s fairly common to have half hour prices at over $50, with a good deal for renting the full hour.  Some charge fuel costs in addition to rental fees, so it’s very important to make sure you understand the full agreement before going out on the water. 

Follow this advice and you will be able to fully enjoy everything Jacksonville & St. Augustine watersports has to offer.  There are 25 watersports charters available in the Jacksonville & St. Augustine areas: